rathmoy stables


Based in Newmarket, the headquarters of thoroughbred racing, William Knight Racing has a state of the art modern training yard and access to the finest training facilities run by The Jockey Club Estates.

rathmoy stables

An impressive training yard setting the standards

Rathmoy Stables are ideally located at the top of the Hamilton Road on the racecourse side of Newmarket's famous training facilities. The yard consists of two identical barns, each of of 18 boxes, that benefit from Rower and Rub partitions and steeply pitched roofs giving great ventilation and light.

In addition there are two ā€œUā€ Shaped traditional yards of 20 boxes each, all with rubber macadam surfaces, allowing for the separation of our colts and fillies. There is an isolation unit of 2 boxes.

The yard is extremely well equipped with a covered ride with a perimeter of around three quarters of a furlong. Within this are an equine swimming pool and lunge ring.

There is a 5 bay covered horse walker, an equine spa, equine treadmill and 3 turn out paddocks.

Covered Ride

The covered ride, as well as sheltering the horses from the elements, provides a secure area for the horses to be gently exercised before heading out to the training grounds. It also provides a suitable viewing arena for owners when visiting their hoses.

Equine Pool

We are fortunate to have our own equine pool at Rathmoy Stables from which all the horses are able to benefit. The water provides buoyancy, which relieves pressure on joints, bones and ligaments. as well as providing effective resistance to ensure a thorough workout. Swimming is proven to aid both muscular development and maintain cardiovascular fitness. We use the pool to keep an injured horse fit without damaging any affected areas. See the pool in action by clicking on the image.

Equine Treadmill

Equine treadmills are a great way to enhance suppleness, stride length, increase cardio-vascular fitness and help build muscle tone, core strength and overall well being. They give the horse a highly effective full body workout; improving general fitness, joint flexion and respiration.